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Haseena The Queen of Mumbai 2017 Mp3 : Songs
“Haseena Parkar” Whole movie and its story in a short view

So far the senior movie lovers and the citizen can guess by the name in the headline of this article that this one is about the under world Don “Dawood Ibrahim’s” sister “Hasina” and this movie filming in the base of a real story. After all, this is somehow not so easy to guess about the importance of this movie for the new generation when they hardly know anything about “Dawwod Ibrahim” or his sister. At the same time, this movie will uphold the reality of a terror life that how they lead their life like a beast of wastage.

Before we go further about the background of this movie, we better take a look on the matter of back up team of this movie who are working in the behind the scene to make this perfect for the audience. Meanwhile, if you are experience movie fan then you can guess about the quality of this movie as well:

Directed by – Apoorva Lakhia
Produced by – Nahid Khan
Written by – Suresh Nair
Screenplay by – Suresh Nair
With the story of – Dawood Ibrahim and Haseena Parkar
Music by – Sachin-Jigar
Edited by – Steven Bernard
Cinematography – Fasahat Khan

These are the names of those person who are working with this movie and by which you can be sure about this one that, this one is going to one of the best entertaining movie of this year. This is good to say about the release of this movie that, so far we have information about the matter, in the July of this year you are going to have it in the cinemas. Before the release of this movie, no one can expose the real story or the fact of this movie. Meanwhile, we better to move our concentration on the matter of actor and actress of this movie when we all known with the fact that, heavyweight actor and actress play an important role to make a movie successful in the both category of commercial and entertainment. So here are the names of actor and actress of this movie:

– “Shraddha Kapoor” got to play the role of “Haseena Parkar”
– “Sharman Joshi” in the role of “Police Officer”
– “Siddhanth Kapoor” as in the part of “Dawood Ibrahim”
– Satendra Bagasi
– “Ankur Bhatia” as the “Ibrahim Parkar”
– “Charanpreet Singh” in the role of “David Pardesi”

So here you go, now you can have the idea about the movie when you are so much eager top know about this and waiting for this one to have in your hand. Now the matter is about the release of this movie and if we don’t mention the date then this will somehow remain unfinished for the readers. So far we have information about the matter of release, this one is going to publish in the cinemas on 14th of July of the running year. Most probably the Eid may be the occasion of release of this movie.

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