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Secret Superstar: Whole movie and its story in a short view

There are so many stories in our real life which we never can expose to anyone rather some memories or incident always make our life bitter to bitterest. The movie we are talking about now is somehow going to uphold some cruel story from our community about which we are hardly aware of. After all, as we have mentioned in our previous articles that movies are like mirror on our society and for this reason we all should keep our eyes on each of the movie as like we want to see the problems of our community and solve them as well.

“Secret Superstar” is a movie which completely on the base of a family story and the most important matter of this movie is “Aamir Khan” got to play the lead role of this movie and for this reason, fans are very much excited about this one. So far we have information about this one, we all are mentioning those for the advancement of our reader.

At first, lets take a look on the matter of back up team who are behind the scene of this film to make it more enjoyable to the fans:

Directed by – Advait Chandan
Produced by – Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao
Written by – Advait Chandan
Music by – Amit Trivedi
Edited by – Hemanti Sarkar
Cinematography – Anil Mehta
Production company – Aamir Khan Productions
Distributed by – Zee Studios

Now the matter is about the story of this one when we already have discuss the matter of motive of this one. This film mainly about a teenager who always suffers from mental tension for her mother from her alcoholic father.

By the description of above we can imagine easily the situation of our day to day life where we all have to face this matter almost every single day in our community specially in the lower class of family and it is better to say that high class family is not out of this short of incidents. Thats why, this movie is going to uphold the true story of our community.

Now the matter is about the actor and actress of this movie when we all know with the fact that heavyweight actor and actress often play an important role to make a movie successful in short of category. As you can the main focus of this movie is “Aamir Khan” some of the others are going to make this movie perfect for the audience so, lets take a look on the names of those persons:

– Zaira Wasim as Insu
– Aamir Khan
– Meher Vij
– Raj Arjun

Now a matter is very clearly can be noticeable that, all the member associated with this movie are very much experienced with in the movie industry and that why you can expect something new and really amazing from this one in this year. Now all you have to do is just wait for the release of this one.

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